Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The name of my book is...

I am so sorry that I've been out of commission for a couple of days here. I've been working on interviews for regular employment, and desperately trying to finish editing my book before I become employed. I'm not sure if any of you have been in my situation, but it gets too much to keep up with at times like these. If you commiserate let me know your situation, and we can compare notes, maybe help each other out.

On July 3rd, I said I would put out the name of my book. I hope you didn't give up on me thinking I forgot or changed my mind. Let me explain a little more about the book and then tell you the name in the hopes you'll see the connection. Now to catch up, if you haven't read the previous post, read the synopsis first and then read this portion. It will make a little more sense doing so.

Tilva stands alone after his father, and three brothers have been murdered. His brother Sanaido tried to escape in a ship with his wife and two children. Everyone aboard the ship died at the hands of the murderer who hid inside. Before Sanaido dies, he locks all systems so only his KTP can unlock them. He also set a course for the nearest livable planet, earth. The year is 1955 on earth, and the alien ship has landed right in their back yard. Now men dressed in black keep it concealed in the dessert.

Sanaido's ghost along with his wife and children now haunt the base. They attempt to reveal the murderer, but the humans cannot understand the language. Tilva does not believe in ghost and rejects the possibility. In the end, the ghosts get their big break. I can't get into those details because it would take away from the surprise ending of the book.

I named my book SPIRITS OF THE UNKNOWN because they aliens were not known to earthlings.

Please leave your comments and tell me what you think of the name.

And remember... Always stay in your write mind.


  1. I love the title, Orlando! And of course I didn't think you'd abandoned us! I was just wondering when you'd be back and reveal more about your delightful story. ^_^ So yeah, I definitely like the title, and I loved the haunted spaceship part the most from the story anyway, so it seems everything fits pretty well. Good luck with writing it!

    (btw while you were gone, I decided to sign in with my pseudonym on blogs. :P)

  2. I agree with Lyn. I like the title and it fits with the haunting well. Good luck!

    Oh, and major {hugs} on the job hunt. It's tough out there right now.

  3. SPIRITS OF THE UNKNOWN...hmmm. I like the essence of the title, but I think it's a little long (ALTHOUGH I have a tendency of leaning towards short titles, so that's probably just my personal preference).

    How about UNKNOWN SPIRITS? Same idea but less wordy. Just a thought.

    Either way, I think it carries a nice mysterious air about it. It's totally your call! :)

  4. @Lyn, thank you I'm glad you like it. I like your pseudonym. I think that's a good idea.

    @Raelyn, Good I'm glad you see how it comes together, and thank you for the {hugs} need those. It is tough finding jobs these days.

    @Ava, I actually like that "Unknown Spirits." I like so much I may use it for the second book. I have to think about this now.