Monday, June 20, 2011

An idea for a new name...

I have thought of another possible name for my book and decided to ask you guys what you think of it. In order to emphasize the title, I needed to justify it and change the synopsis. This is not a complete synopsis just a quick idea for one, but you get the general idea. So, here goes, tell me what you think.

Tilva is the only son of the Family government still alive. 1,938 years ago the first world leader of the planet Suvino created four keys. He called them the Keys to Power. Each key controlled a quarter of the planet's militarized and governmental computer's systems. Without a KTP, everything would have to be worked manually. Some weapons were manual, as some machines, and vehicles, but to bring an entire country from an advanced computer age back to an age with no modern technology was unfathomable.

The KTPs controlled the planet's computers, weapon's systems, and all other technology, but it could not control prejudice, anger, hate, greed, or betrayal. These deep rooted emotions like a cancer destroyed the people, and no one knew. Not until the murders occurred. Now everyone wondered what their friends and neighbors were thinking and feeling.

The current leader and two of his son's have been murdered. Only Tilva remains and he still holds his key. A new dictator has stepped in to claim the planet hers. She calls herself the New Sun and claims to have all the KTPs. Tilva knows this is not true, since he still holds his. She must be lying about the others as well. He now fights to save his people while constantly looking over his shoulder in fear of the murderer who killed his family. It had to have been someone close to them that betrayed their trust.

A war now rages; a war that threatens to destroy the planet bringing it back to the cave days. Whoever holds all three KTPs controls the planet. If it's true the New Sun holds three of them, he is fighting a losing battle. Nonetheless, Tilva must make a stand and try to regain control of the planet and reestablish the Family government.

The Keys to Power is the name.

Please let me know what you think. I need feed back.

And remember… Always stay in your write mind. 


  1. It sounds really interesting! If you like it, go with it. :)

  2. It sounds great! I'd definitely read it based on the title alone :)

    A x

  3. IT definitely has a proper ring to it, considering the synopsis. Only constructive criticism I can think to offer is to recall when someone told me to always lose the "The" at the head of a title. For Various reasons, though I think mainly to make it more direct and intimate to first impressions. Good on you though. Hope it works out. ~.^

  4. Thank you Madeline.

    Thank you Antimony and welcome to my blog.

    Thank you Lanie for the advise.

    Of the two, which do you guys prefer?

  5. I agree with Lanie, and I gotta remember that tip.

  6. I like it! I especially like that the term "keys to power" refer to actual keys in your story, but can also be taken metaphorically, since the book is about a struggle for power. I'm not sure how I feel about dropping the "The." Torn on that one.

  7. Love the name! It's powerful!

  8. I think it fits nicely, I should keep it if I were you, but I'd leave out 'the' too :)

  9. Amelia, Dianne, Marni, and Morgan I want to thank you all for helping me out like this. You guys are awesome.

  10. Of the two? I'd say "Keys to Power" is more forceful, yeah.