About Me

Orlando Ramos
I have a great love for music. 
When I was a young man I learned to play the guitar. I started playing jazz, moved into classic rock, and then disco. I still play and record some of my own stuff as a hobby and to release stress. My singing is atrocious but my guitar playing more than makes up for it. My wife has a beautiful singing voice, but doesn't sing to me quite as often as I desire. It's too bad I can't take my guitar in the shower; the acoustics are awesome in there with the water running.

My home.
I live in beautiful Florida where every morning seems like a vacation and everyone is friendly. 

What I read.
I'm a huge Trekkie, love to read murder mysteries and thrillers. 

What I'm writing now.
I have decided to change my format. I have seen how many of my friends have been struggling with stress, finances, and relationships. I have the answers and I can help, therefore I have began to write some self help post which I desire to incorporate into books.

What I enjoy.
I love martinis, good wine, salsa dancing, playing dominoes, and great jokes. Not necessarily in that order or all at once.