Monday, January 11, 2016

Can I Get In On This?

Most people think faith only works for those who are really good, for those who are really close to God. Although it does help to be close to God it is however, not a requirement for faith. All you need is the faith of a mustard seed. So if your question is "Can I get in on this too?" the answer is yes. I bet you're wondering how this works then. Let me explain it to you.

Friday, January 1, 2016

! Warning

The new year is here, 2016 and everyone has great expectations and rightfully so. I have great expectations myself and I’m looking forward to a great year. Now in my continuation of teaching how to move into a better life I now need to bring you the areas of thinking to stay away from. Many people want to win the lottery and get rich some kind a way. Yes, I used a little bit of slang there, it’s okay. In my last lesson I stated that the sky is the limit. Yes, you can achieve anything you want and obtain as much money as you desire. The idea is to live a better life. The life God intended us to live.