Friday, June 24, 2011


Things of beauty stir every emotion inside of us. A painting can be beautiful, a flower, a song, a meal, even a lover's touch. You see beauty engages all your senses. Your sense will bring your emotions with them as a friend. To believe that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder is to limit the experience of a life changing event.

When beauty truly becomes intense is when you can begin to involve all your sense to the one experience. You have found great beauty when the sight of something gives you pleasure and its fragrance entices you. When the sound of it calls out to you and its touch exhilarates your mind while the taste of it satisfies you to your core.

Without thinking it twice, what have I just described to you? It's different for everyone. It can also be many things in your life, should you be so lucky. We concentrate on what is not appealing to us. We think more about what went wrong, or how unattractive some things may be. The more we think of something bad, the more it engulfs our thoughts, strangling our pleasure in life.

Lately, I have seen so much good although bad continues to fights against me. My life is not perfect, and I have several serious issues at hand. If I concentrated on these, I would feel totally defeated and distraught. However, that is not how I've decided to live my life. Several months back I decided to change my way of thinking. I must experience pleasure and satisfaction before I've moved on from this life. I narrowed down the one thing that needed to be removed in order for me to accomplish this goal.

For you, it could be more than one. In fact, it could be possible that you have no need to remove anything in your life. You can find beauty in the most unattractive things, people, animals, or nature. You can experience if you can get past the fact that it is not determined only by your sight.

I have applied all my energy on finding the good in all things that now all my desires from my bucket list are coming to me. Oh, a bucket list? That's a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. Things you've always dreamed of doing. Before I only dreamed of them. Now I'm actually seeing them come true without me going out looking for them.

Look around you. What in your life is providing you with the most pleasure right now? Can you see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, and touch it? How many of these senses can you apply to it? Don't be afraid of what others may think or say. It's your life not theirs. Let them find their own. You only have one life. Are you living it, or enduring it?

Tell me your dreams, your pleasures, and your desires, and I'll tell you mine.

And remember… Always stay in your write mind.


  1. Hey Orlando! I see you won the sweet blog award too. :)

  2. Writing gives me to most pleasure, and a lot of my stories are stimulated by music. I'll pick up on a line or a phrase and play with it in my head until I can put it in my own words. That's when I add the sensual aspect to it. Or try to. Sensual writing is not an easy task.

  3. Ah... but you make it look so easy and natural. Actually your writing is one of the things in my stimulus list.