Thursday, May 12, 2011

You ever feel stuck?

Frustration begins to take over when you're starting out. Or if you've been working hard at putting together a platform to let everyone know about your writing, but it doesn't seem to be enough. I can't tell you how many times I've wished someone would have just told me how I needed to do things. Instead I had to endure the trial and error method. I don't know about you, but I hate doing things that way.

Every time I make mistakes like that I wonder how much time and potential clients I lost. Then you have those who do things perfect but will not share with you how they do it. Can you blame them? It's not easy out there. Everyone is trying to get their own dreams going.

Nonetheless, you will find a few who will help. But now let's face it nothing is free in this world. I know of people who are paying thousand to have their blog professionally done. By this I mean designed. I don't think there is such a thing as blog writers who write for you, although that's not a bad idea. If I had the money, I would pay someone to write my blogs and Tweets, so I could devote my full attention to my manuscripts. I think I just created a new job opportunity for someone out there.

When I began my blog, I did everything wrong, and I learned because some very good people helped me out. Yes, I had to repay the favor. Nothing is free. If you're like me who can't afford a professional but still needs help, here is what you need. Kristen Lamb has a post on her blog that can get you started. If you click here it will take you to her blog, which offers some suggestions for your social media. Her book We Are Not Alone would greatly assist you with your endeavors.

Don't sit around complaining. Get up and do something about it. Make your dreams come true by learning from the right people. And through it all, stay in your write mind.


  1. Welcome to the world that is Kristen Lamb, LOL, she is the guru.

  2. Yep trust me I know all about that
    So does the
    Never ever going to work right away
    Have to take it day after day
    Then eventually you'll get things done
    Like thousands of visitors a day coming to visit your fun

  3. Trial and error, mostly error. I know that method well. Your blog looks great!

  4. Raelyn, yes she is, and thank you visiting.

    Pat, that's is exactly right, it takes time.

    Amelia, don't we all, and thank you I appreciate that. I'm so happy you stop in to visit.

  5. I have no problem with trial and error, it's the cost of using free marketing. But I'm in this for the long haul. This is a marathon, not a race.

  6. @time-capsule: No one teaches better than the school of hard knocks. You will never forget those painful lessons.

    Out of life's school of war.—What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche

    There is nothing wrong with that. May the force be with you…

  7. Oh, been there, Orlando. Patience. Doesn't help that blogger wiped out all my comments from the other day. Good thing they're in e-mail. :D

  8. It sure didn't help, M Pax. But it's not like you can ask all the people that commented to repost their comments. I'm so disappointed about the whole thing. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I think what you said pretty much sums it up. Anything worth truly having takes, patience and trial and error. Although you may not like going through all the "errors" (who really does???) it is a necessary step in achieving what you want to achieve. We learn much more and appreciate those things when we work to get them. It will all happen, you have the determination and desire. Patience!

  10. @Stacey: thank you for stopping by. It's so nice to hear from you.

  11. Since I started my writing journey "officially" seven years ago, I have been very fortunate and met some amazing people along the way. I was green, had no idea what I was doing, yet complete strangers took me under their wings and guided me in the right direction. Those strangers are now precious friends.

    I'm so happy to be in the position now where I can pay it forward and help out others. It feels great to know that other people will benefit from the wisdom I've gained from mistakes I've made. Mind you, I still make mistakes (a lot), but I have a great support network to get me through those moments of angst.

    One of the main reasons I continue to write is because I love the strong sense of community amongst writers. I've never been in an industry where most people are willing to share their knowledge and help each other out.

    It truly is a wonderful (and very frustrating) journey we are on.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post, Orlando!