Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Contest Winner

I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and those who came in to take a look. This contest was mainly to promote what I believe to be a truly great book.

A Walk in the Snark is too funny for words. You'll feel like she's been watching you and your significant other. You'll find you're not alone in your relationship's everyday issues, and how humorous they really are. This is not a book for women only, you men will laugh even more I think. What makes the book so entertaining is the reality of what she writes.

Aside from the comedy, you will also find some touching moments that deal with the loss, and love. You'll laugh and you'll cry. If you're not afraid to see yourself in the mirror and get in touch with yourself, this book is for you.

The writing is clever and well put together. She brings to life the truth of our worlds between men and women. The book has a five star rating from which tells says you will not be disappointed in purchasing this book. Click here if you are interested in purchasing this book, which I greatly recommend. But, don't just take my word for it. You can also read the reviews posted on Amazon.

Now back to the actual contest which you've all been waiting for. Everyone did a great job with the contest. In fact, I enjoyed how you all got very creative. However, only one person can win.

And the winner is, drum roll please, drrrrrrrrrrr… Phoenix Sullivan.


  1. Aw, THX Orlando for the great review and for hosting such a fun contest. You rock, dude. I appreciate your efforts in getting people to read my work, for your sense of humor (soooo important), and for being such a wonderful host to indie authors.

  2. Yay, Orlando! Rachel, your book sounds like sooo much fun -- I can't wait to read it!! Thank you, both.

  3. Hurray for Phoenix! Well deserved. And well promoted on the book... I will have to check that out.