Monday, May 16, 2011

What moves me to write

Writing is all about mood. If you are not in the mood to write chances are your characters will take a wrong turn. They might rebel against you, or do something rash. Now you may have a different way of getting in the mood. For instance, one of the things that get me in the mood to write is a good rain mixed in with a little lightening. Rain always makes me feel melancholy, which brings back old memories flooding my mind with day dreams of I should have, and could have's which I use in my writing. Another thing which moves me to write is sitting under a shady tree on a breezy day listening to nature while I eat a sandwich and drink wine.

However, the one I use the most is music. Music will come down with you when you're feeling low it will celebrate with you when you're happy. There is attack music, war music, and conquering music. I even have angry music to help me with my dialog. It all sounds negative, right? Not really, you see there is always some conflict to over come before you arrive at happily ever after. Okay so now you're curious, what type of music am I talking about? Sit back, relax and let me DJ for you.

Your protagonist will most likely be trying to save someone. In my arms - Plump. My chest is stirring with emotion just listening to it now. 

Changes in life, the horror of death and the beauty of birth are both depicted here on: Lighting crashes - Live 

Put these together and you come up with: I'm feeling good - Michael Buble. You can remove that comment on the top left so you can see the entire video.

There is only one person I know that can: Set fire to the rain - Adele 

If your emotions are running wild by now, let me take you back in time. What about us - Michael Jackson.

Did you notice the emotions in lyrics, the music, and the singers? They stir up all kinds of emotions in me. That places me in my write mind.

Do you have other ways of putting yourself in the writing mood? Or maybe you'd like to add to this list of songs. Let me know what moves you, stirs your anger, your despair, your perturbation, your pride, your rage, your remorse, your passion, love… Ah… whoa…


  1. If I'm having trouble getting in the mood to write, sometimes it helps to wander off and do something excruciatingly boring -- like weeding the garden or cleaning the bathrooms. My brain is forced to start composing in self-defense. And as soon as the ideas are flowing, I can run back to the laptop and let it all come out.

    Yes, that means there are a lot of half-weeded flower beds and half-clean bathrooms around the house!

  2. Dreaming often works if I'm struck with a case of writer's block. I tend to wake up with a fresh new set of ideas. But music is always a surefire way for me to get inspired :)

  3. So you just made me teary-eyed. I'd heard that song from Plumb but never knew who it was by. Thank you. Just added to my iTunes. :)

    Music and nature are my number one motivators. As a former dancer, music was my energy...still is. If I have an intent in writing a scene, I'll already know the music needed for it. I also listen to nature's sounds, especially the rain. I have a compilation of storms. It's awesome.

  4. @Dianne: Okay, forcing your mind through boredom. Sounds great.

    @Kerilake: Actually I also get ideas from dreams. Good one.

    @Salarsen: Nature, rain, and music. Do we think alike or what? Great minds, you know.

  5. Music is a key element in my writing process too, but anger seems to fuel my fire.
    I always find that the times when I pound out the most in my writing is when I'm feeling frustrated or angry (not about writing, though). Most of the time it's after a fight with the husband. Probably not the healthiest motivation, LOL!

    P.S. Stop by my blog and pick up your award. It looks delicious, who doesn't love cake? :D

  6. @S.B. Poscente: Yes you're right. That's what exactly what music does for me. Music brings back memories that will produce anger, rage, and so on. Thank you for stopping by. I'm on my way over to see your blog.

  7. I love In My Arms and the Earth Song! Wow, I just realized that if a song can be implemented by 'the' in front, then it must be out-of-this-world famous! Anyway, so to answer your question: Music does everything for me. It inspires me to write, to live, to love, etc. It's the ultimate cure to everything. Music is my drug. So yeah, I like to listen to it when I read, write, eat, sleep, etc. :D Thanks for the post! Will check the other songs out...

  8. Music is big for me. I've been known to make a playlist that suits a scene and listen while I write.

    And PLUMB! I haven't listened to her in forever. Thank you for reminding me that I love her.

  9. Great post! I'm a total advocate of music writing. My inspiration comes from motion picture soundtracks, especially Harry Gregson-Williams compositions. I thing I wrote half of my last book while listening to the soundtracks of The Chronicles of Narnia.

  10. Lyn: I'm so happy to have you here. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Wosushi: Welcome, so glad to have you. I looked at your blog, it was very enlightening. I need to eat better so some of your post are spot on for me.

    Terron: Thank you so much, it means a lot. I'm glad you share in the same form of inspiration.

  11. The right song will do wonders for the mood. I agree with Dianne on the bore to self-defense mode thing, it does work. It's a "Muse, speak to me now or you're gonna wash all of these dishes." I hate dishes. The Muse hates dishes. Writing soon follows.

  12. @Wist: LOL... I have dinner and dishes this whole week. Let's see how that works for me. But just from the top of my head, I prefer music.