Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh this is too sweet and kind

I have won an award from the wonderful and sweet S.B. Poscente. Please check out her blog. She talks straight from her heart good thought provoking subjects.

I live in Florida and drive by the strawberry fields often. I love to attend the Strawberry Festival close by as well. This pie or cake whichever the case may be, reminds me of these wonderful times I've had there. So, thank you very much S.B. I greatly appreciate it.

Here are the rules:
1) Thank and link to the person that nominated you.
2) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Pass the award to 15 of your blogging buddies.
4) Notify the recipients.

7 random facts:

1) I was born at home and then taken to the hospital.
2) All my childhood I was fascinated with mobsters and how they did business.
3) I was also fascinated by how organized Captain Kirk was I became a huge fan of Star Trek.
4) I wrote a science fiction story at the age of ten and presented it to my older brother as fact saying it happened to me.
5) I learned from mobster never to sit with my back towards the door in restaurants and now it's a bad habit.
6) I had a rock jazz band and we wrote our own music. Everyone loved us but being more interested in girls I could never organize them to do anything serious.
7) I wrote some of the music for my wedding and friends with a professional band played.

And here are the winners I've chosen who truly deserve the award.

Rachel Thompson, she is a funny open minded individual with a new book out getting great reviews.
Darrell Pitthas amazing tips and insight for writers.
L. CarrollI love going to her blog. You are immediately in the story when you enter her blog. A must read.
Amelia Jamesis a romance novelist. If you want to get hot and bothered you must visit her blog. She is sweet, kind, and very witty.
Alli Sinclairblogs on Tuesdays and is extremely interesting.
Supriya Savkoorblogs on Wednesdays with tips and amazing stories you will never find elsewhere.
James Austinhas very intelligent ideas and concepts you need to read.
Dianne K. Salerniyou will also find her blog there with great information.
K.M. Weiland, has the best information for writers you can find. If you're tired of reading sometimes she'll just tell you. Yes she has videos of her blog post.
Marvin D Wilsonthis professor has the class you need for your writing. Please stop by for a course or two, maybe more.
Rachel Gieselawesome tips and great information you don't want to miss.
Elena Solodow, is a very good writer. The kind you want to follow and learn from.
Patrick Hatt, has the amazing ability to rhyme everything he says. You've got to see this.
Sonia G Medeiros, she's dong the write thing and I'm keeping people in their write mind. She will challenge you.

a smart intelligent sci-fi writer such as myself. Please stop by to see her progress and be a follower of a soon to be great author.

Thank you all and congratulations I love you all.


  1. Those are some zany 'thangs' about Orlando, and man can I relate to #6! Back in my Hippie Rock & Roll days as a wild young man, I played with a lot of bands, wrote and performed lots of original music, travelled, did all the drugs, chicks and free love sex, all that. But this one band really had a chance to make it - had a Columbia Records deal looming promising. Then the doggone band broke up ... over girls!

    Sheesh. So anyhowzit, living that life too much longer might've killed the Old Silly before he had a chance to get old, lol.

    Hey thanks for thinking of me, the shout and award, I don't do meme tag games anymore, used to when I was starting out as a blogger, but ... I do thank you and accept. I'll put this on my "Blog Awards" page on Free Spirit, and put in a thank you plug linked back to your fine blog on a soon to come post.

    Peace Bro, and Out!

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Thanks so much, Orlando! Wow! I feel honored to be in with such an awesome group of authors and blogers!!! And thank you again for your kind remarks about my book! Leave me a comment on the blog when you're ready to get it! I want to send you a signed copy (If you're getting paperback, that is.) It's been fun meeting you via blog and Twitter, and I look forward to talking more! :o)

  3. Oh aren't you nice giving me an award
    Were you that bored?
    Some fun facts
    On all your past acts
    Yes I never sit with my back to the door
    As you never know what could come across the floor
    More of a movie thing I learned
    Never wanted gangster stripes to be earned
    So I will link
    But facts I give by the brink
    As I tell one and all
    Whatever they ask when they call

  4. Woohoo! You just made my day. :) Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog and for passing the award along. Those strawberries look good enough to eat!

  5. Congrats!!! And thank you!

    I also have something for you at my blog...come by when you get the chance. :D

  6. Hey Orlando, I like strawberries! Isn't the net a great place? Especially when people are helpful and supportive? What did we ever do without it? It must have been a dark age without light and hope (shiver).

    Thank God for the Enlightengooglement!

  7. Thanks, Orlando! That was very sweet of you! ;)
    I was a big Star Trek fan as a kid, too. My brother had the model of the Star Ship Enterprise with the revolving transporter. We spent hours playing with that thing. And then when Star Wars came out, we got into Mash-ups (before they were popular!)

  8. Aw, Orlando, you are too kind! Thank you so much! Stay tuned, me and Supriya will organise this on our blog. I love that you wrote a story and presented it as fact to your brother. Hilarious!

  9. Hey, at least you have a realistic reason to never sit with your back to the door. I can't sleep facing away from the door, with no logical excuse. It just freaks me out.
    Thanks for passing it on, Orlando, and for the kind words. I appreciate it.
    I'm also very glad you love strawberries! =P

  10. Yep, what Alli said. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful pay it forward. (Nice work, S.B.) And great to know more about you as well as learn about all these interesting bloggers you recommend. Thank you!

  11. Yes, My husband is a WONDERFUL and SWEET man. He knows how to make me smile and laugh, brings me up when I am feeling down and tells me I'm beautiful even when I am looking my worst (well to me anyway.) lol. I love and support him as he loves and supports me. He's my Knight and Shining Amor, he had truly rescued me. I love you babe!

  12. Congrats, Orlando! You're such a sweetie! Thanks for the nod! :) When I can come up for air from this goddamn deadline, I'll be sure to post something!

  13. Congrats. It was fun reading the facts.

  14. Thanks SOOO much Orlando. You've been so supportive of my work and I'm so appreciative of that! Wow, that's a lot of SOs. #hehe

    Your blog is really helpful and a great place for writers. You're such a terrific resource. Thanks for continually sharing with us and making your blog a place we can come to for advice and help.