Tuesday, July 19, 2011

O about that… dream, or fantasy…

What is your fantasy, your dream? What make you smile from ear to ear every time you see? Is it that new car? You know that dream car you've been fantasizing about. The one that makes you smile every time you see one drive. When something goes wrong you pull up that picture you have of it to calm yourself down. You can just smell that new car smell in it. The sleek design, the seats, dash, even the steering wheel looks good on it.

Is your dream a new baby? Maybe your time biological clock is ticking. Whenever you walk passed the baby section at the store you have to stop and look at clothes just to see what it feels like. When you visit friends you want to hold their baby and look at the little fingers and toes, and pudgy cheeks.

Do you dream of freedom… a vacation in one of the most exotic places on earth, with palm trees swaying in the breeze, beaches, and tropical drinks? Maybe your idea of vacation is not in the tropics, but rather in the big city - Dining in elegant restaurants, dressed in the finest clothes. Men in their Brioni or Kiton suites, or maybe a less expensive but more familiar Giorgio Armani or Ralph Lauren will call your attention. If you’re a woman you may enjoy wearing a Gucci outfit, or possibly Prada. Maybe you would like to enjoy one of the hottest fashions from Fendi to demonstrate your glamour and glitz?

If you're among the very young your idea of a vacation includes night clubs, dumb men with muscle that know no bounds, and lots of alcohol. And let's face it that will bring us to where we wake up in a strange place, or with a strange person in our bed. Maybe what you enjoy is the thrill of the hunt. It may be that you enjoy knowing you can capture anyone of the opposite sex at any given time. And like any good hunter, you like to have your trophies.

Maybe your dream is a home - With a husband or wife - Having the life with a white picket fence and that good job. You know the dream, the one where you know all the neighbors, and everyone says hello as you're getting into your car in the morning. But, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. Your dream could be finding that special person to make that home with.

Do you write about it? Do you write about the struggle of achieving those dreams, of having your wildest fantasies come true? Who is the evil that keeps you from accomplishing your dreams? You need to dream bigger, with larger than life enemies that live only to keep you from your dreams, and to destroy your fantasies. Then dream of their defeat and your victory.

Photo by Benil Sibel Özyürük

After you dream, write. Write about the beginning of that fantasy. Write about the emotions of seeing it taken away. Write about the pain of losing your hopes and dreams. Write about the spark that lit up and caused you not to give in to defeat. Write about the struggle to get your dream back. Write about almost dying in the process. But, most of all write about the joy of victory, and the tears of joy. Write about the laughter, and the peace of knowing you've won. Write…

Write your comments and tell me a little about it. Tell me a little, just a little, of your dreams and fantasies. Just a little, because a dream or a fantasy take an entire book.

But remember… Always stay in your write mind.


  1. Do you really want to know what makes me smile? ;) Actually, my favorite fantasy is being pampered and spoiled while relaxing on a beach, no worries, no demands. Just being waited on by a couple of yummy guys (clothing optional). Hey--what did you expect from me?

  2. @Amelia: I would never expect anything less. As you can see I have four drinks already prepared for you.

  3. I have always been a dreamer, and my dreams take me to such wonderful places. My characters are so alive, I know them inside and out. I feel their joy and their pain and wherever I go or what ever I do another chapter is being played in my mine. Romance lives within my soul and I always fall hopelessly in love with my leading men, for of course I am the leading lady, but then again I am all of them. ~Mindy Brooks

  4. Writing your personal fantasies is scary. When I wrote mine, my fists went up to defend it. I never claimed to be tasteful!

  5. My dream is simple and comes alive on occassion. Often when another tells me they liked something I have written. To me that is a dream come true.


  6. Aww this is so sweet, Orlando. :)

    I dream of travelling the world and living in the U.S. one day. That's my biggest dream, and has been for a very long time. So I know I'll make it happen. I guess I include it in my writing too somehow, by making my characters travel whether they want to or not. One of my MC's dreams of freedom and she gets it, but of course freedom means trouble...

    Anyway, what I'm saying is... my dreams are my purpose. My writing is my purpose. So my dream is writing and my writing is a dream (like sleep), Make sense? lol (No, I guess not. Oh well.)

  7. Living out the dream in writing. Travel, meeting interesting people and doing things that are over the top. Some have come true, some have yet to be accomplished and some have yet to be discovered! I can capture them in a photo or write them in a story. Either way, I succeed. ~Ranae

  8. @Anonymous Mindy: Live your dreams leading lady.

    @Anonymous2: Fantasies and dreams can be scary sometimes. And letting those emotions flow through you and out onto paper makes for great stories.

    @Eri: That is a beautiful and simple dream. I love it.

    @Lyn: Yes, it makes sense. Dream, write, and live a life of purpose.

    Anonymous Ranae: Take your photos, write your stories, and live a life of success.