Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest blogger L. Carroll

As promised here is the cover for the new book.

Once in a while you read a book in which you can delight in. Lor Mandela Destruction from Twins by L. Carroll is such a book. I can't contain the excitement to introduce to you L. Carroll as my guest blogger today. As you very well know authors get better with every book and now she has book 2 of this series coming out on July 15, 2011 for your enjoyment. If you have not read the first book I recommend it. I don't always recommend books as openly as I'm doing with this series. However, I believe in the quality of the writing and the story line. Therefore, without further ado here is  L. Carroll…

Indie Author Jones and the Journey of Doom
Episode One in the Self-Publishing Saga - Friends in the Book Biz
By L. Carroll

"Jonesy," the persistent little voice in her head urged. "Jonesy, let's write a book!" 

"A book? What a sensational idea," Jonesy exclaimed, "Oh, yes! It'll be a fantastic tale of far away lands, epic battles and two people who, against all odds, find love. It's sure to be a bestseller and make me millions! If I start today, it should be ready for publishing in about six months, or so."

(Six years later…) "Stupid voice in my head! What were you thinking? A book! Ha! Well, I finished that book, sent out a query letter to the agent I hand-picked, and look!" Jonesy thrust the crumpled piece of paper in her hand toward her face and growled. "Says he's chosen to pass at this time! I don't even think he took the trouble of writing me personally! It's a form letter -- I'm sure!" And so continued Jonesy's quest for several months, (and roughly thirty more form letters, a giant six ton marble, and a pit of pythons).

But Jonesy was never one to quit when the going got rough! She began to explore other ways to get her book into the hands of those desperate souls who were unknowingly begging for it; she decided to publish it herself.

Skilled at wrestling alligators and constructing explosive devices from paperclips, but knowing nothing of book publishing, Jonesy needed a mentor…someone who had fought the self-publishing battle, and won.

Have you ever felt like Jonesy…out of your element, or disillusioned by the game of book authoring and/or publishing?  Fear not, freaked out author! There is help available, and it comes from a source, that traditionally, we choose to avoid. It comes from our competition.

Yep, fellow writers are a wonderful resource for those aspiring to become published. As I've gone down this self-publishing road, it's never ceased to amaze me how helpful and supportive other authors have been. Many amazing authors have offered advice, critiqued portions of my work, referred me to other professionals, assisted in promotion (thanks everyone who's part of the current "Four Hundred Hours to Four Hundred Days Blog Party), and even bought and read my work.

So, as a (now) published author who knew nothing about publishing in the beginning, I encourage aspiring writers to tap into this valuable resource. Join author groups (either in your area or online), make friends with other authors, and build a BIG social network full of authors. The knowledge you gain will be invaluable. The friendships you build will buoy you up through the hard times, and who knows? You might even find a connection that will ultimately land you your spot on that "bestseller" list! If there's one thing I've learned along my "Journey of Doom" (er, I mean "Journey of
Triumph"), it's that there are lots of great friends to be had in the book biz!

L. Carroll is the author of "The Lor Mandela Series". Her first book "Destruction from Twins" maintains a five-star rating, (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads). Book #2 in the series will release on July 15, 2011. You can learn more about the mystical fantasy world of Lor Mandela at, or email the author directly at lormandela@ (at) yahoo. (dot) com.


  1. O - I'm a fan myself, and I'm not a fan of much.

    L.C. - Agreed! Writing friends are the best! And really, it's not just your friends, but you have a great book too!

  2. Fantastic advice! I always love reading author blogs, because they have the best tips.

  3. Thanks again, Orlando! I hope everything turned out alright for you today!

    And thank you Jen and Madeline for your sweet comments! See what I mean? Bookies are the BEST!!!

  4. It is so important for writers to connect with other writers. Supporting each other through the rough times and celebrating during the great ones makes the journey that much more enjoyable. Great advice and wonderful post! ;)

  5. Thank you Jen, Madeline, and Rachel. Please let others know of the Lor Mandela series. It is truly good reading.

    @L. Carroll; I was able to work things out eventually. Thank you for your patience. I wish you great success. You are a great author.