Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet memories of love

Considering Valentines Day fast approaches I thought you might want to read some of the love scenes I've written. Please read and critique. Let me know what you think about the writing, feeling and so forth. Also critique the grammar. Well, here we go: 
           Frank spent all night struggling with the notion of asking Lisa to spend the night in his room but couldn't bring himself to ask her. The more he thought about it the more difficult it became to find the right words. She looked so beautiful he did not want to blow the whole thing by asking the wrong question. Certainly she appeared to be enjoying herself with him, but that didn't mean she would be willing to spend the night in his bed. If she would only give him some inclination of what she was expecting. Frank’s idea of an inclination was her saying, Frank take me, take me now!

            Lisa on the other hand although having a good time was wondering whether Frank was interested in her enough to get intimate, but didn’t want to merely blur it out. She really wanted him that night, but didn’t want to come across like some easy slut that would sleep around with everyone. That would change the way he looked at her.

            These two spent the night having witty, intelligent conversation. Although they both felt slightly frustrated from the sexual tension, they were at the very least enjoying each others company. Frank justified it in his mind as laying down the foundation to a better relationship.

            The Sun light shined thru the window the next morning. Frank in his room while Lisa in her room, they both consoled themselves with the romantic notions of the night before.

            The heat from the light of the sun bothered Bruce waking him. As he turned to avoid the light of the sun he saw Kim lying next to him in his bed. His mind was flooded with the memories of one of the most exciting nights of his entire life. A night so full of raw passionate sex, that even thinking about it excited his senses, as if it had just happened.

            He tenderly brushed her hair away from her face and admired how beautiful she still looked in the morning. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She smiled and said, “Good morning.”

            “Good morning,” replied Bruce with shear delight that Kim remembered him and the whole thing wasn’t some fascinating dream. 

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