Monday, January 24, 2011

Good reasons to read

Why do people like to read so much? There is the action portion along with the entertainment value. For others the drama depicting the pain and joys of life as seen through other people's eyes leaves us to feel we are not alone in our plights.

I have actually heard many say they want to get lost in that world leaving reality behind. Yet, I have heard many who only read memoirs. They want to know the details of other people's real life events. My life is so boring that would not apply to me.

If you have other impulse which drives you to reading please add them to my list.

Why do authors or aspiring authors write? Do they feel they can do it better than what they've read or seen on TV? Is there a story in their heads dying to get out even if it's fiction? Have they lived through something that needs to be shared? Is there something wrong with the world they live in that they need to bring out, and the use of fiction is the perfect platform to demonstrate a better way or the consequences of what's wrong?

Have we learned all there is to learn? If this were true our lives should have improved by leaps and bounds, which is not the case. If you have ever purchased something that need to be put together, you can understand this. If you're anything like me you tried doing it first without reading the instructions and midway had to take it apart because the screws you now need you used earlier in error. Now you have to start all over and read the instructions. Life is pretty much the same way. There are countless instructions we just don't read them. Even in fantasy, horror, science fiction there are lessons to be learned.

As a child I used to watch movies in my neighborhood which was in or near the bad part of town. As someone in the movie was walking in the wrong direction you would hear the kids in the audience screaming "Don't go in there, he's going to get you." It was hilarious back then, not so much now, but my point is, you can always learn to see when things don't look or feel right.

We can always learn something new, or just be entertained, but whatever the reason, never stop reading.

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  1. Writing is like any other artistic act of creation: It springs from the mysterious bit of you that wants to make something from essentially nothing, to weave the world into the cloth that forms your vision, or to play the notes that shape a listener's emotions. It's also about play: We play with the elements of story like a composer does his notes, and it is plain old really really cool when you have a final product you can be proud of and share.