Sunday, January 9, 2011

Live as though someone is writing your story

            Valentine's Day is fast approaching. If you ask any woman she expects flowers, gifts, and a night out on the town. It seems simple enough however this day can make or break your relationship, married or single. If you ask most men, it is not a gift giving day; flowers and candy are the only required tokens of affection.
            Guys are great about purchasing gifts and taking a beautiful woman out on the town, but once they are married that ideal seems to go by the way side. Most men feel comfortable in the knowledge that his mate understands how he feels about her and doesn't need any more acknowledgement of his love. While you're single your thoughts go towards conquering all odds to gain the affections of fair maiden. Once this has been accomplished, end of story.
            The problem is that reality sets in. It's not the end of the story. You see our lives are never ending stories. At times our deeds, loves, or beliefs continue even after our deaths. What legacy will I leave behind after I'm gone? What are people thinking or even saying about my life even now as I live?
            Sometimes the perfect gift is not an object of great expense but an action which will never be forgotten. One Christmas my son receiving all he wanted but being too young to purchase anything for his father felt compelled to show his affection. He ran to his room, brought his favorite stuffed toy, and gave it to me as his gift. Knowing how much that toy meant to him it was the greatest gift I had ever received. It's not how much you spent but what it means to you and the recipient of said gift.
            I agree that it is not a gift giving day but a day to demonstrate your deepest love in a way that will be understood and appreciated. Live as though someone is writing your story. After all, that's how this holiday began. In your story, will you appear as a selfish individual, or will you appear as a caring individual. No one is perfect but we can be the best we can be. These amazing moments in our lives should never be limited to Christmas or Valentine's Day, and you should never let them pass you by.


  1. Great way to look at it, we often loose sight that what is truly meaningful is simple and from the heart. Valentine's didn't start with any gifts back in history it was all about love letters anyway.

  2. Wow spoken like a true champ, So true Brother, throughout life we tend to forget the true meaning of why we do the things we do. It is not about what we can buy with money. But the quality of time spent that we give to that special someone that counts more then any gift we can offer.