Monday, November 9, 2015

Faith Is Not A Secret

I've researched the Secret and most of it's instructions on how to improve your way of life. I'm taking a slightly different turn to that because this is how I've experienced it in my life. I have however researched all the instructions they provide and found that this is nothing new. We have been teaching these things for years. I will admit that most of the people who have taught this have not gone into details allowing its listeners to be divert into different directions. I intent to bring together with full details all the aspects of faith back into view demonstrating how it works to improve all areas of your life.

For those of you who are not Christians, I'm not forcing religion on you. I am simply instructing you how this concept works. Teaching people how to better their lives using faith. For those who may want to get into the subject of salvation and holiness, let me just say that for salvation you must first believe. to believe is to have faith.

The first misconception is that faith is a secret that only some people can have but it's not for everyone. A gift granted to only some people. Everybody can speak but, not everybody is a public speaker. Everybody can write but, not everybody is an author or a writer. Everyone believes in something. You can learn to use that same believe to achieve the desires of your life. To get out of a bad situation and create a better life for yourself. You may not be a public speaker but you can learn to be if that's what you want to do.

You can give someone five thousand dollars and they will blow all of it in a year. You can give the same amount to another person and they will use it to start a business that will make them very successful. You can also give the same amount to another person and they will start a business and become a millionaire. It's all based on what you choose to do with what you're given. some people just have that natural innate ability to succeed. That doesn't mean you can't learn how to do it. some people have that natural innate ability to believe. That does not mean you can't learn how to do it either.

Read this short story in Matthew 25:14-28 which speak exactly about this subject.

Let's take the person who blew all his money. He could have studied and researched until he was able to accomplish as much as one of the other two. I've had several friends who never went past high school but are very wealthy. Some people are self taught and become successful. Other people study in college and become successful. The first step is to know what you want to do. Then research what it will take to make it happen, right? It's not that cut and dry sometimes, as you may very well know. Two people can be in love and still not be able to make the relationship work. Sometimes you need a little more help to make things work. 

Here is the help you need. Please let this knowledge bloom in your mind and help you achieve what you want for your life. Faith is not a secret, so don't bury that treasure. 

Helping you live write.

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