Monday, August 8, 2011

Dancing around your writing…

Those of you who know me know that I love dancing Salsa. I don't know what you dance when you go to the club, but this is what we do. Salsa takes technique in your feet, your hands, and your hips. The dance moves are intoxicating and addictive. The more you learn the more you want to dance.

Listen to the struggle in the music, the pain, and joy. You can feel the anger of lost love, and you burn it out on the dance floor. The passion of new love flows through you like a mighty river; it ignites a flame that will explode on the dance floor like a volcano. The more I dance the stronger I feel as all the exhilaration sparks as if struck by lightning. I want her to know the pain I felt when she left, but more importantly I want her to know that there was one who came and cared after she left. I want the world to know the freedom of love from knowing that someone found me broken and loved me that way. I need to tell my new love that her voice, the sweet smell of her perfume, and the soft touch of her hand moves me to laughter and tears.

All of it is in the music and the dance. It just so happens that my friends and I are old musicians from back in a day. We experience it from both sides of the spectrum. Give me four hours on the dance floor and I'll tell you stories of passion that will make you cry. I made a friend of our's cry so badly with one of those stories everyone thought I ruined the party. I saved it again, calm down. I gave it a quick happy ending, asked everyone to toast with me to love, and we cranked up the music continuing the party. Oh use a tape recorder because you won't remember the whole story the next morning. That's the only draw back. But that's mainly due to the drinking involved. You see you can dance around your story.

We also dance for power. In my younger days, we used to break dance similar to what you see on the following video.  

This type of dancing was a power trip for me. It was about competition, being stronger, better, more capable than the other guy. If you're wondering if I can still do it let just say this. Last month I went to a party at a friend's house. He's a DJ at a local Latin club. I didn't really know him I only knew his wife from back in a day when we used to hang out. But when he began to play some old school, we started rapping, yeah we do a little of that too. Someone dared me to break dance like I used to. Yeah, it's stupid but I don't like backing out of a dare. I couldn't believe I could still do it, but I did. I felt unbeatable, ten feet tall, like a super hero just demonstrating I could still move like that. Okay it wasn't the best I could do from my younger years, but I still can do it.

You see writing is about emotion, lots and lots of emotion. You want to bring those desires, that passion, the anger, frustration, and so much more into your writing. The reader wants to feel, smell, and remember what it was like as they read, all the while experiencing something new.

We're very eclectic. My wife sings country music, dance's Salsa, hip hop, and she's amazing at it.

Dancing is just another stimulation that does it for me. Can dancing help you express those emotions you need in your writing? If not tell me what does and how it helps you.

And remember… Always stay in your write mind.


  1. Good post! I enjoyed reading it! Most definately, music brings out some of my best writing depending on the scene. I wrote a tragic scene once listeing to a sad song. Through my tears, I wrote that scene nonstop. It flowed out of my mind and into my fingers without hesitation. So whether it's dancing, listening or singing, I love the stimulating factors it brings to me! ~Ranae

  2. oh my, salsaaaaaaa. Sounds like you two have a lottaaaaaa fun :). A guy dancing salsa sounds very sexy. Your wife must keep her broom under the bed to chase away the unwanted admirers :))). Lovely.

  3. @Ranae: Thanks for sharing. Music and dancing can be powerful motivators for a writer.

    @unikorna: Actually I dance with everyone in the club when we go out. My wife gives up and once I get started I can't stop. But she has no need for fears.

  4. I can't dance. I never learned. Dancing was another thing my church forbid. Maybe that's why my writing is mostly dialogue. Conversation is action to me. Words exchanged get things done.

  5. @Amelia: I think you and I went to the same church as children. I was brought up the same way. I learned after I was older. Well actually I used to sneak out and dance when I was a kid too, but. You'll have to learn, just like you learned about romance.

  6. Oh Orlando - I can't wait to meet you, and your wife, as I love nothing better than dancing! I used to be a fabulous dancer myself and my first date with my husband was a salsa night in a Leeds nightclub :)! Unfortunately my husband hasn't quite got the moves and he hates being told what to do :(.

    Music, singing & dancing are the best things in life, and following that, it's probably reading & writing - Man, I love your writing, especially about dancing and other passions in life. I'd love to watch you do your breakdance one day, faling that, you'll have to show me some smooth moves of salsa instead!

    Great post - I've shared on my FBm RTed it on Twitter and will share it next on my G+.

    Keeping writing, keep dancing and keep making sweet music!

  7. @Junying: I would love to show Salsa dancing moves. I enjoy it greatly. But, if you were a fabulous dancer you can probably show me a few moves. We can show each other some new things.

  8. Sounds like you two have a lottaaaaaa fun