Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet memories of love

This scene is rated R for adult themes, nudity, and sexual situations. But adults, please check out this scene which lacks a lover.

As she showered her thoughts went back to when they first laid together. She remembered every ripple in his body, every muscle she had not realized he had previously to that point. Her thoughts became more intense as she slowed down her movements. She placed her hands against the wall while the water hit her skin and her eyes closed shut. Her mind moving faster than the speed of light searched every scenario, which included Tilvanau's naked body. Her stomach quivered; her hands shook, and her heart pounded. She touched herself as her thoughts intoxicate her emotions beyond the ability to possess control. She moaned, with her hand on the wall, and her body curled up in the corner of the shower while the water caressed her backside, and she reached climax. Once she did her hands fell lifeless as every muscle in her body relaxed.

She wanted to lie down in her bed. She shouldn't have done this. She wanted so much to relax, cuddle up with him, doze off for several minutes, or talk about nothing. Wake up while he still slept, to see his face in peaceful recluse dreams. But she needed to wake from this day dream, return to reality, face the ambiguity of her true life as it was. She could not figure out how it all came to this. How did she end up not knowing, how did he end up not showing? She racked her brain trying to understand what she did wrong to make him back off.

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