Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet memories of love

In continuation of this series, please check out my new post. If you are new to my blog you can check out the first in the "Sweet memories of love" series from last weekend. Don't forget to critique what you like or dislike about the writing, also critique grammar. And now on with the show:
Lisa figured since she couldn’t sleep why should Frank. She called him up. Frank was in a deep sleep when she called. He was however thrilled to hear from her. He was also willing to give up sleep in order to spend time with her. He needed to call security to request an escort to her room or he would be taken into custody. He therefore made the call and the escort was granted for his visit. This was all part of the new security in view of all the questionable events lately.  They could not make outside calls, but if anyone needed help from within they would be helpful.

            Lisa was thrilled to see him. She couldn’t sleep, and didn’t want to be alone with everything that was going on, especially after that strange dream. She hugged him as he entered. He took a deep breath in order to smell the sweet sent of jasmine in her hair. It captivated his senses causing him to drift off to a dream like sensation of tranquility every time she was near. It was a simple hug however feeling her soft warm body in his arms as her breast pressed against his chest aroused him to the extent that he did not want the embrace to end. They sat on the bed across the room and talked until morning. Frank who had a wonderful sense of humor soon had her smiling and laughing at his jokes and witty stories. Soon she had forgotten all about the bad dream, which in his mind was simply the result of the strange occurrences in the last couple days. Yes, they were strange however there was a logical explanation for it all. There had to be, Frank simply refused to believe in the supernatural or ghost especially ghost from outer space. No, Alfred was letting the pressure get to him, that's all.

           It seemed like a short time had passed by which was why Lisa and Frank found it strange when they heard the morning call over the monitors. They both looked at each other with a puzzled looks, and a slight scare in there hearts, thinking maybe something else had occurred. Frank looked at his watch, in deed five hours had gone by, it was now seven in the morning which was the usual time for roll call.

            “Oh shit!  It’s seven. We’ve been talking all night long," Frank blurted out. As he went for his jacket there was a knock at the door. “That would be for me.”

            Lisa opened the door and sure enough it was a soldier asking for Frank. Frank kissed Lisa on the lips and told her, “I’ll see you at breakfast.”

            “Yes,” she replied.

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