Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Contest...

I am proud to announce this contest showcasing Rachel Thompson. Rachel will be a guest on my blog on Thursday April 29, 2011. I will be giving away a copy of her new book in this very simple Easter contest. Ah…, the holidays, gotta love 'em.

How to enter:
Place your entries in the comments keeping in mind the rules, and deadline.

Have your entry posted in the comments by April 30, 2011 to win.

The winner will receive a kindle copy of Rachel Thompson's new book A Walk in the Snark. This book has been getting great reviews, and you will definitely enjoy it.

Write anything pertaining to Easter or at least mentioning it, in 200 words or less. It can be a post card, poem, or short story. I'm looking for originality, creativity, comedy, or scary. Please don't write anything preachy, although you can present something religious. You may post only two entries for this contest. Please include your e-mail, so I can contact you. If not make mention that it is located in your blog or website.

Also, please mention it in your blogs or Twitters so that we can get a good participation.


  1. Hey I'm too busy writing my books and editing for others for the contest, but best wishes for a successful one. And thanks for stopping by my blog today. Let's stay in touch here in Bloggydom!

    Marvin D Wilson, aka, The Old Silly

  2. So here I sit, my hair a mess,
    Dressed up in my Sunday best
    Preparing my très beau geste
    In honor of a certain guest.
    Quite the test I must confess!
    But I've looked deep within my breast
    And, as it is, I've been hard pressed
    To craft a poem with that certain zest.
    I must say I'm now obsessed
    To find those words that are truly blessed.
    Perhaps they're there -- beyond that crest,
    Free-rhymed and versed with all the rest.
    So now I'm off upon my quest
    Heading east, er, was that west?

    Close enough? :o)

  3. The cat ate the easter bunny
    Then went to Bugs who wanted too much money
    Next he tried Roger but again it was a no go
    As he was to busy with his own cartoon show
    That pink rabbit that beats the drums
    Going and Going wouldn't even give us some hums
    Harvey was just a shadow that would follow us around
    Only being found on the ground
    Well thumper tried to help our cause
    But he gave way to much applause
    That white rabbit had to run
    Checking his watch always late for something that needed to be done
    But when I got home and used the loo
    Stuffing is what I found between me and you
    For I had be tricked by another
    Not a brother or a mother
    But by my sister who said I killed the real rabbit
    Making me develop such a bad habit
    So that is the short story of how I tried to replace
    The Easter Bunny, who I thought I ate, with a new face

  4. Phoenix pointed me this way and asked that I join in the fun. And I'm glad she did!

    The... um... Resurrection?

    The rev'rend thought it might be fun
    To have an Easter play
    And give it to the kids to run
    Cuz we were in his way.
    On Easter when the curtain rose
    The Rev let out a roar,
    "That isn't how the story goes!"
    And up when gasps galore.
    Samantha, dressed up as a nun
    Went into Jesus' tomb.
    Tom said, "Hey, sister, take this gun.
    There’s zombies in that room!"
    But then Darth Vader blasted her
    and Tommy shot him dead,
    and Princess Jasmine (Jennifer)
    cut off poor Tommy's head.
    "A cowboy? No!" the Rev'rend cried
    As Billy galloped in
    With Snow White standing by his side
    (but it was just Corinne).
    A werewolf howled at the door
    Before the curtain dropped.
    We all yelled "Wait, we got tons more!"
    As in the Bunny hopped.
    The Rev looked like about to burst
    And growled through his tears,
    "This Easter, it’s the very worst
    I’ve had in sixty years."
    But someone started clapping then
    And everyone joined in,
    And then my dad screamed out "Amen!"
    above the glorious din.

  5. Sigh. I should know better than to invite people over who I meet at other parties.

  6. Thank you Peter for joining in.

    Thank you Phoenix for inviting others.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words about my newest poem "Epiphany". I have no Easter poems, I could plug in the word Easter into one of my old poems but that would be cheating. So I'll go back to my Word worksheet now and give it a try but I won't promise you a poem. Thanks again, have fun judging! A.M